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Understanding Hysteroscopy

Her Wellness may recommend and perform a uterine hysteroscopy to diagnose problems or a disorder in the uterus.

Sep 30th, 2022
Yes, Fourth Trimester Care is a Necessity

The fourth trimester requires just as much care for the newly delivered person as the previous three trimesters during pregnancy. For some people, the only care they receive is one follow-up visit to clear them for physical exercise and sexual activity,

Sep 2nd, 2022
Pains of Pregnancy – What’s Normal and What Isn’t

During these 40 or so weeks, you may feel discomfort and unfamiliar twinges that can you questioning what is normal and what is not, even when you’ve been pregnant before. Should you call your obstetrician, or just “wait and see”? Dr. Garritano and Christi

Jun 27th, 2022
Reproductive Choices In Connecticut

Dr. Garritano and Christina at Her Wellness would like to help patients and their families understand all the reproductive health care options available in Connecticut.

May 18th, 2022
It’s National Infertility Awareness Week!

At Her Wellness Health Center, Dr. Garritano and Christina are always here with compassionate fertility care and the latest evidence-based information to answer your questions and do everything possible to help grow your family.

Apr 29th, 2022
When Morning Sickness Lasts All. Day. Long.

Most pregnant people feel nauseous and vomit during the first half of the pregnancy, feeling much better for the remainder of the pregnancy. And then there are those people who throw up from day 1 of conception until the baby’s birth day.

Apr 1st, 2022
Teenagers Requesting Labiaplasty – A New Alarming Trend

Teenage girls, some as young as nine years old, are requesting labiaplasty or vaginal reconstructive surgery because they are self-conscious about how their genitals look. Medical professionals, along with Dr. Garritano and Christina, are alarmed.

Feb 24th, 2022
6 Tips for Real Self-Care

Self-care means, quite simply, taking care of oneself. “As women, many of us prioritize taking care of everyone and everything else first ahead of our own needs. This thinking has to stop for both women’s mental and physical health,” says Dr. Garritano.

Jan 24th, 2022
Thirty-five and Pregnant

Dr. Garritano is here to explain what an older pregnancy is, what challenges older pregnant people may face and how to navigate conception and delivery after the age of 35.

Jan 3rd, 2022
The Best Time to Have Your First Mammogram Could Be Right Now

Dr. Garritano and Christina realize that, while talk of mammograms is everywhere, very few messages explain the basic facts about these screenings. Her Wellness is here to explain mammograms, including when a woman should begin getting screened.

Oct 29th, 2021
Could This Be Menopause?

Entering menopause can be a rocky road for many women, and some breeze right through with little trouble at all. Her Wellness is here to help.

Mar 30th, 2021
Four Things That Can Happen During Labor

Dr. Garritano explains what can happen during labor that isn't always talked about or mentioned in books - and why they are all natural, healthy and not the least bit embarrassing.

Mar 2nd, 2021
Wouldn’t it be GREAT not to leak?

Her Wellness is now featuring Votiva; gentle, safe and highly effective treatments that improve your vaginal tone, lubrication and sensation.

Dec 28th, 2020
Meet Christina!

Her Wellness Health Center is pleased to introduce you to Christina Martin, MSN, SNM, WHNP-BC, bringing a diverse and extensive knowledge and experience in women’s health to our patients.

Nov 19th, 2020