6 Tips for Real Self-Care

Let’s start with this scenario: Your girlfriend calls you after weeks of playing phone tag and says the following:

“I’m on my way to Lassie’s vet and grooming appointment even though I haven’t had time to shower in the past week. I’m two months past when I was supposed to go to a follow-up appointment with my doctor and I passed out yesterday because I was so busy with the kids and the house and the deadlines at work that I forgot to eat.” She chuckles, “Oh you know, it’s just life! I’ll get through it.”

And your heart sinks, because this dismissal of self-care is all too common. Dr. Garritano says, “It just shouldn’t be acceptable for women to embrace this level of activity and keep chugging along.”

Self-care means, quite simply, taking care of oneself. “As women, many of us prioritize taking care of everyone and everything else first ahead of our own needs. This thinking has to stop for both women’s mental and physical health,” says Dr. Garritano.

Self-care is more than the basics of eating when you are hungry, drinking enough water, and showering regularly. (However, if you aren’t doing that, then this is a good place to start.) Self-care is setting time aside for you every day to maintain or improve your mental and physical health. It’s meant to recharge your mental and physical batteries so when you are taking care of someone else, you are not left feeling completely drained.

Dr. Garritano recommends these six ways to jump start your self-care routine:

A great way to think about self-care: If it’s something you would encourage the person you love most to do, then you should do it too.

Self-care sounds “easy” but it can be very difficult for women. Ease into taking care of yourself, finding the balance and activities that work for you. Just like each woman is unique, her version of self-care will be unique as well.

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