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Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano, MD

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Unfortunately, not all pregnancies are easy, but with the help of Dr. Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano, MD, of HER Wellness Health Center, you can identify your risks and determine how to prevent complications as much as possible. At her office in Wilton, Connecticut, she performs the necessary diagnostics using accurate technology and takes all precautions to help you and your unborn baby along the way. If you're pregnant, schedule an appointment with her today by using the online booking tool or by calling the office, so you can have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy Q & A

What classifies as a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy means you have one or more issues that could lead to your baby having health problems or you experiencing complications during your pregnancy or delivery.

Who's at risk for having a high-risk pregnancy?

Pregnancy-related conditions

Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano may classify your pregnancy as high risk if you have gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or eclampsia.

Pre-existing conditions

Sometimes, if you have high blood pressure or diabetes prior to conception, it's possible pregnancy will worsen your condition.

Other factors

If you're a teenager, are pregnant for the first time after the age of 35, or are carrying multiple babies, you're more at risk for complications. Lifestyle factors like alcohol or drug use or smoking cigarettes can increase your risk as well.

How does a gynecologist help with high-risk pregnancies?

At your appointments, Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano performs diagnostics like ultrasounds and monitoring your weight and vitals to detect possible complications early. She educates you about healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes you can make to prevent complications.

To ensure you have a safe delivery, she may schedule a Cesarean section to ensure the safety of you and your baby. During your delivery, she monitors your condition carefully and intervenes as necessary to encourage a safe delivery and prevent complications for your baby.

Take care of yourself and your baby at HER Wellness Health Center by booking an appointment online or by calling the office.