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Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano, MD -  - OB-GYN

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Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano, MD

OB-GYN located in Wilton, CT

At HER Wellness Health Center in Wilton, Connecticut, she provides diagnostics to test for certain health conditions, offers birth control, and educates women during their regular well woman exam to help them prevent problems in the future. Schedule a routine well woman exam by using Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano’s online form or by calling 203-665-0900.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

How often should you have a routine well woman exam?

Typically, you should have your first well woman exam between the ages of 13-15 but no later than the age of 21, even if you’re not sexually active. What happens during a well woman exam?

At a well woman exam, Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano checks your blood pressure, height, and weight. She asks you questions about your period and sexual history and habits.

Do you receive routine STD testing at your well woman exam?

Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano doesn’t perform STD testing at your well woman exam as part of the standard testing. If you fear you may have an STD, you may want to ask about an STD screening during your well woman visit, though. The test doesn’t take long and just consists of Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano taking a swab of your vaginal discharge or a sample of your blood, depending on the STDs you want her to test you for.

Does Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano provide vaccinations during a well woman exam?

Vaccinations aren’t part of your routine well woman exam. You must ask for any vaccinations like the HPV vaccine during your visit, though.

Schedule a yearly well woman exam today by booking online or calling 203-665-0900.