Meet Christina!

Her Wellness Health Center is pleased to introduce you to Christina Martin, MSN, SNM, WHNP-BC. Christina brings a diverse and extensive knowledge and experience in women’s health to Her Wellness and all of our patients. 

Graduating Cum Laude from Williams College, Christina then earned a Master of Science in Nursing from Yale University with induction into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. She has worked in extensively in area Labor and Delivery Units, Outpatient Women’s Health Centers and Primary Care.

Christina is also 

You can make an appointment with Christina for routine, well gynecologic care and exams, and for concerns about problematic challenges. Christina can care for girls and women of all ages, with a focus on adolescents and your child-bearing years. She is trained in IUD and Nexplanon birth control implant insertion and removal. 

Ms. Martin provides pregnancy and postpartum counseling and care and can help women and their babies work thorough lactation challenges to achieve a healthy and successful breastfeeding experience for as long as desired. 

Christina is a DONA International trained Doula, helping to provide patients with a nurturing, supportive, high quality birth and postpartum experience through evidence-based care and guidance.

An energetic volunteer, Christina is committed to ensuring access to excellence in education and health care for children in low income and depressed situations. She has also assisted survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence by providing emergency emotional support and resources for legal help, shelter service and long-term counseling. 

Christina speaks English and fluent Spanish. 

When you have questions about your gynecologic health, need to schedule an annual exam or are hoping to improve your birth experience, make an appointment with Christina by calling our office at 203-409-2539 or clicking here. 

We are delighted that Christina is a valuable asset to Her Wellness Health Center and our patients. You’ll find Christina to be friendly and approachable, with expansive knowledge and experience in caring for women’s physical and emotional health. 

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